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1 Coronavirus: US will not participate in WHO vaccine project after Trump turned against it Administrator
2 “So it was a hoax?” – Fox News’ John Roberts caught on hot mic discussing COVID-19 mortality rate wi Administrator
3 ‘Art of the Deal’ – Trump will use oil price crash to top off U.S. strategic reserves Administrator
4 Missouri files suit against China for 'enormous' consequences of coronavirus 'deceit' Administrator
5 French Nobel Prize winner: Coronavirus indeed designed in Chinese laboratory Administrator
6 Montana County demands people wear government-issued arm bands to do business Administrator
7 New developments in Wuhan lab investigation upend Facebook’s fact-checking scheme Administrator
8 Doctors banned from prescribing potential COVID-19 drug Administrator
9 China: Police arrest Christians participating in Zoom Easter worship service Administrator
10 Trudeau Liberals plan laws to punish citizens who ‘spread misinformation’ about COVID-19 Administrator
11 Russian volcano erupts for the first time in 95 years Administrator
12 Cops bust Christian service, criminally charge pastor for having 16 people in 293-seat building Administrator
13 New, larger wave of locusts threatens millions in Africa Administrator
14 Krakatoa volcano erupts spewing plumes of ash several kilometres into the air Administrator
15 Trudeau says no return to ‘normal’ without vaccine: ‘Could take 12 to 18 months’ Administrator
16 Mayor in Miss. outlaws in-person church services, Christians ticketed $500 each for meeting in cars Administrator
17 COVID-19 vaccine killed seven children in Senegal, Africa Administrator
18 New York Times author doubles down in blaming Trump, Christians for pandemic Administrator
19 Hulk Hogan: Coronavirus is God’s punishment for worshipping false idols Administrator
20 India drags China to international court for COVID-19 war Administrator
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