Prophecy news relating to the mark of the beast and the increase in knowledge
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1 RFID implants in the hand fast becoming a 'fashion accessory' Chris Perver
2 Nigeria launches national identity and payment card Chris Perver
3 RFID self-implant kit goes on sale this month Chris Perver
4 Turkish PM appears as hologram to woo supporters Chris Perver
5 Israel launching biometric identity card Chris Perver
6 Motorola looking at RFID 'pill' to identify smart-phone users Chris Perver
7 Brazilian school to track students via microchip Chris Perver
8 VeriTeQ may embed breast implants with identity chip Chris Perver
9 New Zealand to host cashless New Year's celebrations Chris Perver
10 Israel orders VeriChip for Israeli Defence Force Chris Perver
11 US university develops wearable 'electronic tattoo' Chris Perver
12 Germany to roll out RFID national identity cards Chris Perver
13 VeriChip branches out into virus detection Chris Perver
14 Manchester first city to trial ID cards Chris Perver
15 Columnist admits VeriChip often implanted in wrist Chris Perver
16 Homeless will receive national identity cards Chris Perver
17 VeriChip rises from the ashes Chris Perver
18 US school district to begin chipping student schoolbags Chris Perver
19 VeriChip to launch direct-to-consumer campaign on Monday Chris Perver
20 Companies installing biometric readers to keep tabs on employees Chris Perver
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